Fine Autumn produce hitting the menu at Jonez on Food

13th March, 2019

Incredible wagyu beef, Italian white asparagus and local fish are just some of the fine seasonal ingredients on the menu this month at Jonez on Food.

The restaurant will soon receive a supply of highly sought-after white asparagus imported directly from Italy. The flavour is beautiful and delicate, and it’s only in season for about six weeks. Try it in a number of dishes available in the coming weeks.

Seafood lovers will enjoy a selection of fresh local fish, including swordfish and red emperor. Prawns, crab meat from Frasier Island and Moreton Bay bugs will also feature on the contemporary Australian menu.

And if you’re a fan of MasterChef Australia and dream about sampling the gourmet food on screen, dream no more. Jonez on Food will be offering a limited amount of wagyu beef this weekend and next weekend. The premium cut of marbled meat was split between Jonez on Food and MasterChef!

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