Sanctuary Cove Mobile Boat Washing

Australia’s first entirely self-contained mobile boat washing service that comes to you via water.

Mobile Boat Washing offers berth holders a luxury mobile boat washing service that comes to your vessel via the water.

Based at Sanctuary Cove they deliver a premium wash & wax to every part of your boat, including the waterside and bow without the need to rotate your boat or start the engines.

Their system uses only de-mineralised pure water that leaves no hard water spots when it dries, maximising the life of your paint, gel coat, polish and clears.

Mobile Boat Washing is offered to you as a scheduled service, with customised boat washing plans to suit you.


How It Works

Step 1: Pure water rinse down to remove the surface dirt, salt, carbon etc to ensure dirt isn’t rubbed back into your paint, gel coat or polish.

Step 2: A high-quality, biodegradable wash & wax is foamed over the boat.

Step 3: Your boat is washed from the waterline to the roof using super soft microfiber cloths and brushes. Reaching the WATERSIDE and BOW of your boat without the need to rotate – even in marinas.

Step 4: Pure water rinse down ensuring a spot free finish. This extends the time between cut and polishes.

Step 5: A final rinse down and chamois of all clears, glass and stainless to remove any over spray & drips, leaving a perfect, spot free finish.

Step 6: Only use IMAR Yacht Soap as it’s the #1 recommended cleaning soap by manufacturers Strataglass, Stamoid and Clear View that won’t void your warranty.

Benefits of mobile boat washing at Sanctuary Cove Marina

• Maintain your asset’s value and keep your boat looking good

• Put the enjoyment back into boating (let us do the hard work for you)

• Have a pre-trip wash so you don’t trail a black layer of soot particles throughout the internals of your boat thanks to air pollutants settling on your deck

There’s no need to rotate your boat to wash the water side of the hull… you don’t have to be here because your boat is accessed from the water.

Plus be rest assured it’s an environmentally friendly wash, the use of the pure water system allows us to wash without the need for any harsh chemicals or detergents resulting in the protection of your local waterways/ canals.

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