Maritimo Boat Show At Sanctuary Cove On July 14-15

5 July 2023

Maritimo Boat Show


The M75 is the largest motor yacht ever built in the history of Bill Barry-Cotter’s Maritimo, and the Global Launch of its new flagship vessel fittingly coincides with the 20th anniversary of the world renown Australian luxury motor yacht builder.

The new M75 is the culmination of over 120,000 hours of dedication to research, design and tooling by Maritimo’s world leading craftspeople, with another 35,000 hours dedicated to each and every M75 build.

The first M75’s construction involved over 40 skilled craftspeople including Lamination Technicians, Detailers, Painters, Engineers, Stainless steel Fabricators, Electricians, Upholsterers, Cabinet Makers, Fit Out Boat Builders, Procurement Staff, Quality Control Managers and Commissioning Technicians – An estimated 800+ years of experience.


Maritimo Boat Show Sanctuary Cove Careers Day


“The M75 features is the sum of 20 years of Maritimo evolution, and will be Maritimo’s most magnificent model ever,” said Maritimo Managing Director, Tom Barry-Cotter.

“We have taken two decades of our customers’ experience and input into our design evolution and melded that into what is the most incredible flybridge motor yacht ever crafted in Australia. The M75 represents a quantum leap in long range cruising design when it comes to cruising range, offshore performance and on-board comfort.

The company is also taking this opportunity to host Maritimo Careers Day as part of Maritimo’s Boat Show on July 14 & 15 at Sanctuary Cove. The growth of the marine industry in south-east Queensland has been exponential in the past 3 years, and the national recruitment drive is vital to the growth of this vibrant industry. Maritimo’s ethos is to support their community workforce, growing and develop unique skills for the manufacturing of their highly sought after motor yachts. The Marine industry injects an estimated $1.4 billion of economic benefit into SE Queensland.


Media viewing opportunities of the M75 will be between 9:30-10:30am on the 14th of July.



Maritimo Boat Show July 14-15

Enquiries for careers opportunities for schools and individuals should be made to Larissa McDermott on – 0400 030 176


For further media information please contact Leanne St. George – 0417636471


Maritimo is Australia’s leading builder of long-range luxury motor yachts for the world. Formed within the Australian island continent and its vast coastline Maritimo has forged an international reputation. The company was founded by Australia’s most awarded boat builder, Bill Barry-Cotter, this year celebrating 60 years of boat building excellence. Maritimo is built upon the principles of engineering excellence, build integrity, and design innovation. Hand built by the finest craftspeople, Maritimo offers luxury motor yachts of three distinctive Series’. The M-Series Flybridge, the S-Series Sedan and the Offshore Series. Experience gained from the World Champion Maritimo Racing infuses ocean proven endurance and unparalleled abilities in the water into every Maritimo.


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