Get to Know Trish Fairman from Village Emporium Flowers

22 September 2021

When we pick up a bouquet of flowers for a loved one (or ourselves!), we rarely consider the time, effort and deep thought that has gone into creating that arrangement. We recently spoke to Trish Fairman, owner and operator of Village Emporium Flowers and were astonished at her level of knowledge and care for her craft. We’ll never look at a bouquet in the same way again!

After spending 27 years in a senior executive role in the corporate sector, Trish made the jump in 2020 to retire and make her dream of opening a florist come true. “Whilst living in the USA, I pursued a number of professional development courses as well as creative arts courses in fabric, floral art and design” she says. “I’m passionate about flowers in any form and the pleasure and comfort that they can bring in times of celebration and sadness.”

What spring floral trends are you seeing in store at the moment?

Spring is the birth of a whole range of seasonal flowers that, with a little imagination, can brighten any space. Natives like Geraldton Wax make stunning arrangements, along with locally grown Sunflowers, Oriental Lilies, Snapdragons, Stock, Sweet Pea, Andomedia, Iris and Chrysanthemums just to name a few!

Orchids of most varieties are also plentiful at the moment but be sure to look for those with new buds.
A little tip- don’t over water orchids, they hate wet feet and don’t like their leaves being wet either. I
recommend keeping them in an indoor, filtered light position to ensure longevity.

Please tell us some more tips on maintaining arrangements through the sudden weather changes of spring!

Fresh cut flowers should never be placed in direct sun or under air conditioning vents as this shortens their life. Flowers love a light mist spray and their water changed at least every second day. I also recommend cutting the stems at a 45 degree angle to maximise water absorption, and ensure no leaves are submerged in the water. Be sure to ask your florist for flower food if it’s routinely provided with your purchase.

Gum – particularly dollar gum is very popular and many customers buy bunches to hang in their showers. It creates a beautifully refreshing eucalyptus aroma when mixed with steam.

Learn more about Village Emporium on their website, and feel free to drop into their store to meet Trish and their equally knowledgeable team for all your blooming needs!

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