Brighten Your Home This Spring

25 August 2021

As spring approaches, it certainly feels fitting to shake off the remnants of winter and invite some fresh flair into our homes. Sanctuary Cove’s specialty retailers have everything you need to prep your home for the season ahead, and give it a breath of fresh air. Here are our top tips for brightening your home this spring!

1. Let There Be Light

It may seem obvious… but our biggest tip is to incorporate light and bright furniture into your home. Those in the Mediterranean do this best, with their stunning white rendered concrete pieces that make even the tiniest room feel endless. This is why we always turn to our friends at Destino Home for furniture and homewares. Inspired by the Mediterranean islands, their entire showroom is light and bright- you’ll be spoilt for choice! Pieces by LuMu Interiors, Jagger and Wolf and Assouline will transport you to the Greek Islands where everything is very light and yep, very bright!

Our pick: Vintage Moroccan Pillows from Destino Home

Brighten Your Home This Spring

2. Storage Is King

Decluttering is rule number two to make a room feel bigger and brighter. In this case, less is more! Strategically selecting furniture is key to make a room feel large, whilst maintaining its practicality. Theo & Joe have beautiful rattan furniture with storage functions so you can keep everything you need (TV remotes, magazines, throws and drink coasters) packed away until you need them. Rattan is perfect for spring as it keeps a room feeling light and breezy and can be easily transitioned to summer once the beautiful sun is well and truly out.

Our pick: Coffee Table from Theo & Joe

Brighten Your Home This Spring

3. Make The Most of the Sun

If your room receives natural light, capitalise on it with glassware that will catch the sun and make your room magical. Glassware can be incorporated into almost any room- water glasses in the bedroom, wine glasses on the dining table or a bar trolley in the living room. Hamptons Style stocks stunningly cut crystal look glassware that will create beautiful shadows throughout any room. They also stock glass candle holders, vases and many other homewares to create balance and bounce light throughout.

Our pick: Acrylic Crystal Cut Glasses from Hamptons Style

Brighten Your Home This Spring

4. Florals That Actually Last

The first thing that comes to mind when we think of spring is of course florals, but who has the time to replenish fresh flowers every week? This simply isn’t practical, but a deliciously floral scented candle is! Cabana Store stocks the beautiful Palm Beach Collection, a premium selection of candles inspired by Australia’s coastal landscape. We love the Lilly and Leather scent, as it’s balance of sweet floral and musky leather makes a room feel both homely and clean.

Our pick: Palm beach Lilies and Leather Candle from Cabana Store

Brighten Your Home This Spring

5. A Breath of Ocean Air

Is there anywhere brighter, or more open than the beach? Bring an element of the ocean into your home for that quintessential essence of a breath of ocean air. Decorum Gifts has unique, nautical inspired homewares and gifts like replica yachts, boating memorabilia and serving ware that will make you feel like you’re by the beach. Whilst Decorum Gifts is, as the name suggests, a gift shop, we love to visit and peruse the constantly changing items available. What’s wrong with treating yourself to a gift?

Our pick: Boating Memorabilia from Decorum Gifts

Brighten Your Home This Spring

6. Bring(Low Maintenance) Nature Indoors

Being in nature is grounding and calming- which is what we all could use as we move into the new season. Indoor plants, whilst beautiful, take up a lot of space and are at times difficult to look after, which is why we recommend a nature themed print. FINEPRINTCO has a gorgeous selection of photography and art prints that can bring nature indoors,
with no maintenance required! From landscapes, to traditional aboriginal art pieces inspired by our very own homeland, there’s a print that will suit any home’s aesthetic. We love the way art can change the dynamic of a room, without being bulky and taking up space!

Our pick: Giacomo and Stefania Montegazza welcome guests arriving by boat at their villa, La Cassinella on Lake Como 1983 at FINEPRINTCO

Brighten Your Home This Spring

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