Introducing Your One-Stop-Shop For Exclusive Designer Goods – A Sanctuary Cove Favourite Reinvented

16 March 2021

Shop the likes of Gucci, Mos Mosh Denmark, Nü Denmark, Rich & Royal Germany and many other high-end European and American designers at Harry’s Emporium, now located on Quay Street at Sanctuary Cove. Previously known as Harry’s Jeans, the luxury retailer has expanded their catalogue to women and mens clothing, shoes and accessories. This exciting growth in their business prompted founder and owner Tracie Wright to relocate to a larger space, but she couldn’t bring herself to leave the Sanctuary Cove precinct.

Harry's Emporium

“I love working at Sanctuary Cove, I wouldn’t want to work anywhere else.” She says. “Not only is it a lovely place to own a business, but you feel like you’re a part of an extended family. The fellow retailers and client community is next to none!”

Established in 2005, Harry’s Emporium has cemented itself on the Gold Coast as a leading designer retailer, known for their above and beyond customer service and high quality fashion pieces that can’t be found anywhere else. Tracie has over 15 years experience in the luxury retail space, carefully curating the store by sourcing stock from all over Europe and America.

Harry's Emporium Dress
Harry's Emporium Menswear

“My pieces are sourced from all around the globe. I bring denim in from America all year round and currently there’s a lot of apparel coming out of Denmark, Germany and Amsterdam. European fashion is ordered a year in an advance which makes delivery times super exciting. I love unboxing new pieces and showing my clients!”

Harry's Emporium Womens

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