6 Ways to Make the Most of Your Easter Weekend on the Water

16 March 2021

Planning on spending the Easter weekend out on the water? If so, read on to learn how you can make the most of it, and enjoy your long weekend in the best possible way! If you aren’t planning on going boating this Easter, we may just persuade you…

#1 Spend the Night at Sanctuary Cove
Berth holders, this is a no brainer! Dock into your berth the evening before you decide to head out so you can settle in, and ease into the weekend. The next morning you can wake up at your leisure, head into Sanctuary Cove for a delicious breakfast and then get out on the water!

Overnight visitors are also welcome, to enquire about docking overnight please call 5577 6609.

Sanctuary Cove Marina
George's Paragon Sanctuary Cove



#2 Waterfront Lunch
If you’re planning on avoiding the harsh, midday sun before starting your cruise, enjoy the wait with a waterfront lunch at some of Sanctuary Cove’s restaurants and eateries. For a light meal, head to Quay Street Cafe, Pier B Cafe or Sushi Break. Their menus are perfect for grabbing a quick bite, or even some takeaway that you can bring back to your vessel and enjoy onboard.

For an extended lunch and a few wines, we love Artichoke and George’s Paragon Seafood Restaurant. With beautiful views of The Marina and menus featuring local delicacies and fresh seafood, the time will fly by and it’ll be perfect boating weather in no time!

#3 A Spot of Nautical Themed Shopping
Sanctuary Cove is a premier boating destination for many reasons, but probably the most unique is the shopping outlets available to boat enthusiasts. Decorum Gifts stocks the highest quality nautical decor, with large scale replica boats and yachts to complete any ocean lover’s home or office.

We recommend taking some time out of your long weekend to visit Decorum Gifts and see what treasures they have in store. Every visit is different because once an item is gone, it’s gone!

Decorum Gifts
Harry's Emporium Menswear

#4 Dress the Part
We consider long weekends a special occasion, so it’s only fitting to have a new outfit to wear! The Marine Village has a wide range of retailers, for both men and women, so you can look the part this Easter. Whether it’s a new pair of swimmers from Calypso Resort & Swimwear, or a button up from Harry’s Emporium, there’s no doubt you’ll find a piece to make your weekend on the water that little extra special.

#5 Essential Supplies (this include cheese platters)
What boating trip isn’t complete without a few forgotten items and a gourmet cheese platter? Before you begin your trip, visit Lee’s IGA and pick up any last minute essentials you may have forgotten (sunscreen, I’m looking at you!), as well as ready made gourmet platters for you to snack on while you’re out on the water.

Lee’s IGA is also stocked with a range of healthy snacks and fishing supplies, so you’ll never leave unprepared. Don’t forget to enter their competition to win a family Easter hamper!

Lee's IGA Grazing Platter
Horizon Yacht

#6 Time for an Upgrade?
Complete your boating weekend at Sanctuary Cove with a visit to our world-class brokers, and check out your next upgrade. Meet with the likes of Princess Yachts, Horizon Motor Yachts Australia, Spectrum Marine, Maritimo and Leigh-Smith Yachts by appointment to discuss your next dream vessel and tour their display boats.

With these six tips, your long weekend on the water will be jam-packed with activities, with equally enough time to kick back and relax on our beautiful Gold Coast coastline. For more information on any of the retailers mentioned, visit sanctuarycove.com.au

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