Festive Floral Questions with Village Flower Emporium

15 December 2020

All your festive floral questions answered with Village Flower Emporium.

If you’ve ever tried to put together a Christmas floral arrangement or wreath, you understand the struggle. Balancing different colours, textures and scents, whilst trying to make the arrangement look effortless and simply ‘thrown together’… it’s an art!

The team and Village Flower Emporium are experts in their craft, having a deep understanding of seasonal flowers and greenery. We had a chat to them about the process behind sourcing their sought after florals, and top tips for preparing the perfect Christmas wreath.

What flowers can we put on the Christmas lunch table this year?

Flowers in season over Christmas are of the bright and tropical kind- think Heliconias (also known as lobster claws), Alstroemeria and Orchids as beautiful centrepieces with Molucca balm for some added greenery.

For more of a delicate touch, add a dose of pink and white with Peonies, Roses, Lilies, Poinsettia, Lisianthus, Carnations and Geraldton Waxes also in season! We are lucky in Australia to have such beautiful florals available to us at Christmas time, and we love creating arrangements to celebrate the festivities.

What types of flowers go into your beautiful Christmas wreaths?

This depends on availability and the customer’s taste and budget as we are happy to customise every wreath – but we love to add natives like tango red Leucadendrons, pin-cushion Hakeas, Banksia and Proteas. In terms of greenery, fir, gum and other varieties can be used to accent an arrangement.

Any tips on keeping the perfect Christmas wreath?

Ensure the longevity of your wreath by spritzing it each day with a mist spray. Although they look beautiful outside, we recommend keeping fresh wreaths inside and in a cooler area of the house, ideally near the air conditioning to keep it looking fresh for as long as possible.

If you’re after an outdoor wreath, or one that can be used year on year, we suggest dried and/or artificial flowers. Another option is a bare wreath, made with grapevine, twig and foam, which can be decorated to the individual’s preference.

A little extra tip: when investing in florals over the festive season, timing is important. For table centrepieces, tropicals mixed with natives look stunning, and can transition from Christmas over to New Years celebrations as the textures and colours suit both events.


Trish, Darna and Andrew from Village Flower Emporium are taking requests for table centrepieces, wreaths and arrangements for the Christmas/New Year period. All orders should be placed as soon as possible to avoid disappointment, do not hesitate to contact the team at https://www.villagefloweremporium.com.au/ or 0409 576 034.

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