Our Top 4 Home Decor Trends for Spring

1 October 2020

Spring is the season of new beginnings, and we will gladly take that as an excuse to revamp and transform the home! It’s a perfect time to refresh your space with timeless decor and splashes of colour, getting ready for Spring/Summer entertaining. The retailers at Sanctuary Cove Village have everything you need to stay on trend this Spring, read on to find out how.

Art that sparks a conversation
A bold piece of art instantly uplifts the mood of a room and starts a conversation when guests visit. Whether it’s an original painting or a print, there’s a story behind every piece of art that begs to be shared. Dalozzo Art has a wide range of pieces to suit any style of home- landscapes, abstracts and romantics in different sizes so you can find the perfect piece to suit your space. Judith from Dalozzo Art shares her insight- “We’re seeing a big trend towards large scale art. Consider placing your large scale art as a backdrop to your bed or couch and make a statement of it. This is such a dynamic look that your space will need little else.”

Dalozzo Art

Comfort is key
The living room is undergoing a makeover this Spring to focus on comfort, as we find ourselves spending more time on the couch bingeing on Netflix. Oversized sofas with oversized cushions, ottomans and throws are the new trend that can still showcase your own personal style. Theo & Joe have a new selection of oversized velvety and cosy cushions in an array of patterns and colours, soft throws and blankets for all the extra comfort and style you need to make your living room a cool but comfortable space.


Theo & Joe 

Spring (and Summer) in the Hamptons
While some trends come in and out of fashion, classic Hamptons style finishing’s are timeless and remain a good investment for the home. Find all things coastal elegance at Sanctuary Cove retailer, Hamptons Style- white brushed timber, ceramics, natural tones and subtle floral prints. Find unique statement items like rugs, trays and vases that allow you to make your space your own, with a perfect balance of traditional and modern styling.


Hamptons Style


Stop and smell the fresh floral arrangement
We’ve all heard it before… “Florals for Spring, groundbreaking”, but there’s nothing quite like walking into a home and being greeted by a stunning bouquet of fresh flowers. Not only does the scent permeate throughout the home, but the splash of colour and life uplifts anyone who visits! Visit Trish and the team at Village Flower Emporium, who can put together a fresh, custom arrangement to suit your space. Alternatively, choose from their wide range of bespoke blooms and have them regularly delivered, so you are never without flowers again!


Village Flower Emporium

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