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1 September 2020

Exclusive Agent: Zodiac Inflatable Boats – Captain Nemo’s Pool, Spa & Marine

Zodiac inflatable boats have 120 years of history, prestige and heritage. These boats have stayed firmly in French hands with new French owners Zodiac – Nautica. The Zodiac is famous for its exceptional loading capacity, reassuring stability, and space-saving portability, while maintaining incomparable quality finishes.

Zodiac Boats

The Cove Pool & Spa at Sanctuary Cove is the exclusive agent for Zodiac boats on the Gold Coast. The Cove Pool & Spa is powered by Captain Nemo’s Pool, Spa & Marine. Their strong belief in customer satisfaction and quality, with their high level of professionalism and knowledge of the industry are reasons why people keep coming back.

Captain Nemo’s has 4 stores 2 in Brisbane, Eight Mile Plains and Cornubia plus 2 stores on the Gold Coast at Helensvale, and The Cove Pool &; Spa at Sanctuary Cove. Roger Braun, director and owner has a contagious passion for Zodiac Marine and has been selling Zodiac inflatable boats since 2008, with his first Zodiac Marine Spa & Pool store in Mackay, Queensland. In 2009, Roger opened the doors to his Gold Coast Zodiac Marine Spa & Pool Concept Centre.

Zodiac Boats Sanctuary Cove

What makes Zodiac so superior is the high performance fabric. The Zodiac inflatable boat uses a unique material called Strongan. It can be described as a type of PVC, but its properties are completely different to other PVCs that it might as well be a different material. Strongan is a third generation plastomer, which bonds waterproof inner and outer layers to a heavy-duty dense polyester support cloth. It is resistant to cuts and abrasions, and is easily repairable in the unlikely event of a puncture.

Zodiac is still the standard to which all other inflatable boats are compared. Zodiac uses a unique method of manufacturing – “Thermo-bonding” – developed by Zodiac many years ago, to achieve unparalleled durability, without compromising the integrity of their marine craft.

Patented by Zodiac Marine, this method has almost eliminated the use of old-fashioned glued methods. As a consequence, the seams are virtually indestructible. This system provides rapid inflation and deflation, allows easy adjustment of the pressure, and is even more airtight and well protected against sand and debris.

Zodiac Marine is the only manufacturer to have achieved the fitting of rubbing strake by a welding technique, which means protecting the boat from bumps, knocks and the passengers from spray. As cost is a factor, we justify ours as it is no surprise most manufacturers of inflatable boats use low-grade structural ply for this purpose.

Zodiac only uses the finest marine ply to avoid rot and maintain structural integrity in the long run. These inflatables have oversized, stainless steel towing rings capable of handling pulling forces of up to half a tonne, and are correctly located for efficient towing using a “V” system.

There has been no expense spared when creating a Zodiac Marine inflatable, and this reflects Zodiac’s unbeatable time in the industry, as you can maintain peace of mind that your latest Zodiac Marine purchase is built to last and will surpass expectations.

Visit The Cove Pool & Spa at the Sanctuary Cove Boat Show to check out the world-famous Zodiac Inflatable Boats. You will not be disappointed!

Located at The Marine Village, Shop 42C Quay St Sanctuary Cove, 4212 Australia Tel: 07 55341288
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