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11 May 2020

Meet Judith from Dalozzo Art

Shop local at Dalozzo Art and support your Sanctuary Cove community. Established in 1996, Dalozzo Art is the Gold Coast’s longest running commercial art gallery. With a collection of fine art to suit all tastes and budgets, the store showcases quality, exceptional service and a genuine passion for art. We sat down with Judith to chat about how she came to be in the art scene and how she can help you select the perfect art for your own space.


Shop Local at Dalozzo Art

History of Dalozzo Art

As the longest running commercial art gallery on the Gold Coast, when you take a peek through the windows at Dalozzo Art, it is easy to understand why. Beautiful unique and curated pieces to inspire and entice connoisseurs and amateurs alike.

Partnering with Sanctuary Cove

Sanctuary Cove were delighted to partner with Judith in 2019 to create a painting for a beautiful limited-edition beach bag.  Judith was inspired by local palm trees, something which is synonymous with the precinct. This creation has transpired on beautifully crafted canvas beach bags.

“I drove around the Marine Village over the course of a few days. I then took various snapshots of the palm trees” Judith said. “It’s been wonderful to partner with Sanctuary Cove and I’m sure the finished product is sure to delight shoppers”.

Selecting Art for your Own Space

When asked for advice on how to select art for your own space, Judith offers some sage advice. “Conduct your research, look online and take a photo of where the piece will go. Most importantly, whichever piece you select needs to be unique and special to you – you have to live with it” says Judith.

Clients & Inspiration

As much-loved retailers in The Marine Village, the Dalazzo family have been creating custom art and special one-off pieces for their clients. International sabbaticals to the likes of Paris, Singapore and New York have provided Judith with plenty on inspiration for exhibitions, and her upcoming trip to Mexico in September will be no different.


Where to find Dalozzo Art

39A The Promenade, Sanctuary Cove

Phone: 07 5577 9902


Open Daily

Monday-Sunday, 9:00am – 4:00pm

It’s easy to find the perfect art piece at Dalozzo Art. Shop local at Dalozzo Art and support The Marine Village today!

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