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10 April 2020

Meet Lee from Lee’s IGA

Shop local at Lee’s IGA and support your Sanctuary Cove community. The supermarket is the heart of a community and Lee’s IGA offers a unique range of baked goods, meats and fresh produce. Lee has owned this store for four years now and loves the neighbourhood feel at Sanctuary Cove.

What has been your journey to opening the IGA here at Sanctuary Cove?

We have been the owners of the IGA for four years now, the previous owners who opened the store held it for three years. Previous to taking over we were living overseas and working in the mining industry, so this really is a complete change for us! We also owned the Robina IGA but have since sold that as we found trying to manage the two stores in different locations was too much of a headache. We are local residents of Hope Island and although I’m technically supposed to be retiring, I can’t help myself but come into the store everyday as it gives me something to do!


How has the business changed over the years in terms of what you offered to customers when opening to what you now offer?

The business has changed a lot to be honest – people used to buy a lot more fresh produce than they do now, it seems people are opting for Uber Eats or having their groceries delivered by the bigger supermarket chains which has certainly affected local trade. Now days it all about the convenience factor, whatever makes peoples lives easier.

We are looking into various ways we can combat this which we are looking to launch later in the year, so a click and collect type service, also for those who have boats here and want to pick up provisions, etc. It’s hard being a smaller operator but we are hopeful we can implement some strategies to provide more of that convenience factor customers are looking for.

We now also offer a fishing section in store which includes bait, tackle, fishing roads, lures and we are also looking to build more of a gifting area in store which would include more flowers, Tasmanian Soaps and other high-end ranges. I think this is important and a lot of people who want to come into the store and pick up a gift quickly will be able to do so in the one area and it then means they don’t have to walk around the whole store trying to find something to gift.


Where do you get your inspiration from – any other shops, markets, etc?

We are always looking at what other people are doing, you have to in order to see what the competitor is doing and also for the inspiration. I look at a wide range of other retailers – special produce, fruit, butchers, gourmet ranges in supermarkets, etc.


Do you have any special signature ranges at the IGA?

We have a range of Italian pre-packaged pasta which is hugely popular with our customers, they love it. Other gourmet ranges are also popular as is the range of meats we display from Cav’s which is known for its top-quality meats.


Is food a passion of yours?

I like to cook and I love to eat out, we eat out at least once a week or might get Uber Eats. My favorite meal would have to be anything with seafood, I especially love crabs.


If you could pick something in the store to eat for lunch today, what would it be?

Good question! I would say a Pork & Gravy roll – delicious.


Tell us more about what community means to you….

We love the Village type feel and we love being a part of this neighborhood. We have great relationships with our regular customers as well as the tenants and staff who pop in and pick up their lunch or snacks for the week, we very much feel supported.


Quick 5

Coffee of tea? Coffee

Typical Breakfast? No breakfast usually, but if I had a choice it would be bacon and eggs

Early Riser or Night Owl? Both

Favourite holiday destination? Whitsundays

You’re Currently Reading? Not much of a reader, the minute I read anything I fall asleep!


Where to find Lee’s IGA

2D Masthead Way, Sanctuary Cove

Visit Website

Phone: 07 5514 8682

Open: Monday – Sunday 6am – 8pm (including public holidays)

The supermarket is the heart of a community and Lee’s IGA is the heart of the Sanctuary Cove community. Shop local at Lee’s IGA and support The Marine Village.


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