Shop Local At Calypso Swimwear and Sanctuary Resort Shoppe

26 March 2020

Shop Local at Calypso Swimwear and Sanctuary Resort Shoppe

Shop local at these two renowned retail stores and support your Sanctuary Cove community. Calypso Swimwear offers a vast offering of the latest swimwear in a range of sizes, with personal fittings available. The Sanctuary Resort Shoppe also owned by Suzy provides outfits for that special occasion, whether it’s birthdays, weddings or the races. Suzy has seen Sanctuary Cove change over the years as one of the original store owners here in The Village.


Sanctuary Resort Shoppe Sanctuary Covee


What has been your journey to opening Calypso and Sanctuary Resort Shoppe?

My journey started 32 years ago, I always felt that there was no place on the Gold Coast that sold good quality, casual, resort style clothing and I really identified that this was a gap in the market.

One night I was having dinner with Joh Bjelke-Petersen’s script writer, telling him about my vision and he said to me that the place I needed to be was Sanctuary Cove, I’d never even heard of Sanctuary Cove! So, I started my investigations into this new proposed development and from there I took regular visits when the pavers hadn’t even been laid! I took a helicopter ride with Mike Gore to the site and we had a sausage sizzle, a sausage with oysters in it of all things, and the rest is history – Sanctuary Resort Shoppe was born.

From there it was all dirt and boulders and the opening date kept being pushed back. I received a letter in the post that the development was officially opening and that my store needed to open in just three short months, then it was all systems go.

The advertising around Sanctuary Cove was unbelievable, the market was flooded with Sanctuary Cove messaging and anyone and everyone knew about it. The ‘Ultimate Event’ was nothing short of amazing, something that could never be repeated. This, and the advertising, really put Sanctuary Cove on the map.

Sanctuary Resort Shoppe was firstly located on the water which was a fantastic location for us. 14 year

s later, a store called Monsoon was vacating and I was approached to open another store. This was timely with the passing of my husband, I know opening another store would take my mind off things and so Calypso was born. I had absolutely no prior knowledge at all about swimwear, but here we are! 18 years later.


How has the business changed over the years?

My businesses haven’t changed a whole lot to be honest, we don’t offer simply what is just fashionable in either store. Although we do change with the trends, what we offer must be wearable, and this still stands today.

I remember back in the late 80’s and early 90’s when Ken Done was huge, and painted clothing was all the rage. We did stock quite a lot of this style, but we have never stocked teeny, weeny bikinis in Calypso and we

never will, this simply is not our customer.

Children’s swimwear has been a huge emerging market and as a result, we have opened our range to suit. Long sleeve, sun smart swimwear is very popular and with so much awareness around being sun smart these days, I can’t see this changing.

One thing I can tell you that will never change is that quality, value for money and service are THE most important things in business – if you have all of these, you’ll be right. Customers are looking for unique items, not cheap, wear once and throw away kind of stuff.


How would you best describe the shopping experience at Calypso and Sanctuary Resort Shoppe?

People are looking for a calming, relaxing and helpful experience and that’s why they come to us at Sanctuary Cove. We aren’t pushy, yet we acknowledge anyone that walks into our stores and we offer help and then remain in the background until we are needed. We really are all about a nice and peaceful shopping experience. All staff in Calypso are expert swimwear fitters, you don’t find this in many other places.

In Sanctuary Resort Shoppe in particular, you can buy a whole outfit for a wedding for example – the dress, shoes, bag and accessories, there is no need to go anywhere else. We really are a one stop shop and our customers love that.


What are you signature ranges at both stores?

At Calypso we stock Vassalli, Seafolly, Jets, Baku and German range Sunflair and also Jantzsen. We offer more mature styles for real woman and we don’t just stop at swimwear, we also stock a large range of fashion, shoes and accessories too.

At Sanctuary Resort Shoppe we are best known for our Canadian labels – Joseph Ribkoff, Frank Lyman, Arianne, UP as well as other popular ranges including Ping Pong, Seven Sisters and linen ranges made in Italy such as ESS, Urban and Italian closet.

We stock clothing appropriate from anyone aged mid-20’s right up to 80’s and beyond.


Has fashion always been a passion of yours?

No! In a former life I was a Sales Manager in the Transport industry – how’s that for different?! Resort clothing has always been a passion of mine – my week was spent in my corporate job while weekends I would dedicate to looking at fashion.


Any famous customers?

I’ve had plenty over the 32 years! The most notable is probably Nicole Kidman who came into Sanctuary Resort Shoppe while Keith Urban took the kids into the chocolate shop.

Claude Van Damn is another notable visitor, as is Greg Norman. There have been many sporting and movie stars over the years, too many to recall!


What are your favorite pieces that you stock in store?

It would have to be the Canadian labels we stock at Sanctuary Resort Shoppe, and the Sunflair range at Calypso. I very much try to resist taking stock from the stores for myself, but if I really like it, I take it!


Tell us more about what community means to you….

The local community at Sanctuary Cove has grown enormously and all The Village retailers are very supportive of each other, we try and help each other out where possible. If I need to buy something, whether it’s a gift or grocery items, I’ll buy in The Village.


Quick 5

Coffee of tea? coffee

Typical Breakfast? Alternate between muesli and yoghurt and poached eggs

Early Riser or Night Owl? Early riser

Favourite holiday destination? North QLD in Winter and New Zealand in the Winter.

You’re Currently Reading? The minute I start reading I fall asleep! But I usually have a copy of the latest swimwear trade fairs that are on my bedside table.


Where to find Calypso

32 Masthead Way, Sanctuary Cove

Find on Facebook

Phone: 07 5577 8981

Open Daily 9.30am – 5.00pm


Where to find Sanctuary Resort Shoppe

32 Masthead Way, Sanctuary Cove

Find on Facebook

Phone: 07 5577 8288

Open Daily 9.30am – 5.00pm

Shop local at Calypso Swimwear and the Sanctuary Resort Shoppe and support The Marine Village.


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